Easter Experience

Easter Experience

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The Easter Experience is an immersive theatrical experience for children in Year 5. This event takes the children back in time to meet characters who saw some of the most important events in history! The students will meet characters who were at crucial events from the last days before Jesus’ death, and those after his resurrection. This event allows Year 5 pupils to investigate the events and then to examine how the life, death and resurrection of Jesus has affected the lives of so many throughout history.

From well-loved authors, such as C.S.Lewis & J.R.R.Tolkien, celebrities such as David Suchet and rap artists such as Lecrae, to key figures in history such as Florence Nightingale and William Wilberforce - the students will have the opportunity to examine their testimonies and see how their lives and work (and the world as we know it!) have been affected by the life and death of Jesus. 

Insight currently works with three churches to host two Easter Experience events in the local area:

  • Chessington is hosted by Chessington Evangelical Church & Hook Evangelical Church
  • Kingston is hosted by Cornerstone Church

The Easter Experience has been written to support the Kingston Agreed Syllabus and has these learning outcomes:

  • Recount the linked events of the story of the death of Jesus as told in the Christian Bible
  • Make links between the story, the symbols and beliefs that underlie them
  • Identify how the death of Jesus could have an impact on the lives of Christians