Christmas Journey

Christmas Journey

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The Christmas Journey is an interactive re-telling of the first ever Christmas that encourages children in Year 2 to think about why this celebration is so special to Christians. We use puppets, actors and all the senses to bring this story alive to the children. This event allows children to experience the Nativity like never before; starting with the creation of the world and how our relationship with God became broken. The Christmas Journey then takes the children to the events in Nazareth, to the stable in Bethlehem, to the wise men in the East, and then back to the modern day. Whilst following the star, the children will meet the characters from the Nativity story, hear in detail about the events and learn why Jesus came to be the rescuer! 

The Christmas Journey was written and devised by a group of Christians in Chester and is now used all over the country. Insight currently works with eight churches to host five Christmas Journey events in the local area:

  • Chessington is hosted by Chessington Evangelical Church & Hook Evangelical Church
  • Kingston is hosted by Cornerstone Church
  • New Malden is hosted by New Malden Baptist Church
  • Surbiton is hosted by Christ Church & Emmanuel Tolworth
  • Worcester Park is hosted by Worcester Park Baptist & Grace Church

This immersive theatrical experience is tailored to help children in Year 2 to understand why Jesus’ birth and death are so important to Christians. The Christmas Journey supports the locally agreed syllabus and its main aims are:  

  • To identify the significant parts of the Christmas Story and place it in the context of Jesus’ life & work.
  • To ask questions about why Jesus was born.
  • To explore why Christmas is an important celebration to Christians.