Secondary Lessons

Examples of Lessons @ KS3&4

Locally Agreed Syllabus for KS3

Year 7, Programme 1: Belief in God and the Life of Jesus - Belief in God, The Gospels & The life of Jesus. Stories told by, and about Jesus: The parables and miracles.

Year 8, Programme 2: The Nature of the Church - Worship: The Eucharist, Hymns, Psalms, Songs, Preaching and Prayer. Christian Experience. Denominations. Please do ask if you would like to arrange a visit to one of the 12 Insight partner Churches.

Year 9, Programme 3: Jesus' teaching related to the contemporary world - How Christian teachings relate to personal, social and global issues in our world. (e.g. Forgiveness, Loving Your Neighbour, Poverty, Work, Crime, Money, Justice & Prejudice.) Using Christian beliefs in ethical and moral decision making.

AQA GCSE Christianity

Beliefs and Teachings: The Nature of God, God as omnipotent, loving and just; The Oneness of God and the Trinity, Christian beliefs about Creation, The Incarnation and Jesus the Son of God, The Crucifixion, The Resurrection and Ascension, Resurrection and Life After Death, The Afterlife and Judgement, Heaven and Hell, Sin and Salvation & The Role of Christ in Salvation.

Practices: Worship, Prayer, Baptism, Holy Communion, Mission, Evangelism, Persecution

Relationships: Family, Marriage & Divorce

Religion and Life: The Origins of the Universe, The Origins of Human Life, Abortion, Euthanasia, Death and the Afterlife.

The Existence of God and Revelation: The Design Argument, The First Cause Argument, The Argument from Miracles, Arguments against the Existence of God, General & Special Revelation.